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Ibis R.I.P.
We at Castellano Designs have long held a special place in our hearts for Ibis. So when Ibis filed for bankruptcy, we were understandably disappointed. Castellano and Ibis had been collaborating for nearly 10 years on projects, and that collaboration had brought four excellent designs to market. The first two were the Sweet Spot® suspension Szazbo and BowTi bikes. A little later came the pivotless softails, the SilkTi and the aluminum RIPley.

We’re really not sure of the fate of the Ibis brand. In 2000, 20 years after Scot Nicol founded Ibis, he sold the company to private investors who took over the management. Now it’s gone, probably forever. Our Sales Manager, David Peoples, was a longtime key Ibis person, and we often run into someone from the old crew around town or on the trail. We still hang out and ride regularly with Scot Nicol, and we share with him a lifelong love of riding and bicycles. Scot infused Ibis with his spirit and passion and joie de vivre. Although Ibis is gone, that spirit lives on.

Ibis Goodies
The RIPley has been reborn as the Fango, and we’re working on the resurrection and further refinement of the bikes formerly known as SilkTi and BowTi. We like to take care of our customers, so here at Castellano Designs, we’re also making every effort possible to provide technical support and many replacement parts for all the models we’ve designed in the past for Ibis. We’re building up an inventory of shock parts (SilkTi, Ripley), shocks (BowTi, Szazbo), suspension pivots (Szazbo) and replaceable derailleur hangers (Ripley, Szazbo, Alibi).

Here’s the current status:

All Fango parts also fit the Ripley. All parts are in stock. We’ve got shock parts, derailleur hangers, seat collar, shock lube etc.

Some parts are in short supply. Call to check stock. Upgraded shock internals are in the works.

All pivot parts and bearings are in stock, except the beveled caps for the front triangle. We’re working on a Fox shock upgrade and a source for Szazbo/Alibi derailleur hangers.

We’re testing Fox’s latest AVA shock, which should be perfect for this bike. Will be stocked in the future.

Call or email with your other needs. If we don’t have it, we’ll see if we can get it! Check back here for updates.