------Check out the new Zorro, son of Szazbo

Welcome to Castellano Designs. Home of John Castellano and the world headquarters for pivotless bicycle frame design, the Sweet Spot® Suspension System, and other things that might emanate from John’s cranium. Things like his groundbreaking Flat-Plate Chainstay technology, which John recently patented for softails.

If you’ve been around bikes lately, you’re probably familiar with some of Castellano’s designs. From his Off-Road Wheelchairs to the Sweet Spot® Suspension System used by Schwinn, Ibis, WTB, Breezer and Rocky Mountain, to his tire and anti-dive fork designs, John’s passion is pushing the envelope of bicycle design in bold new directions.

Until now, Castellano-designed full-suspension bicycles have only been available from other manufacturers. Now for the first time ever, Castellano Designs is manufacturing its own framesets for sale. The first offering to come directly from Castellano is the Fango™ pivotless aluminum softail, featuring the Flat-Plate Chainstay. This lightweight climbing machine provides a smooth high-performance ride in an affordable package.

There are many more of Castellano’s designs in the pipeline, including resurrection of the bikes formerly known as SilkTi and BowTi, two of the most revered suspension bikes ever made. Soon they will see the trail again under Castellano’s own brand, due to the recent unfortunate disappearance of Ibis. Castellano Designs also has good news for all you owners of an Ibis Ripley, SilkTi, BowTi or Szazbo—we will supply replacement parts for each of these fine bikes. More information about Ibis and replacement parts here.

So take a look around, and come back often for more suspension news from Castellano Designs.

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